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Originally posted on Jeff Kemp on Oracle:

I want a checkbox in an Interactive Report (IR), and I want the users to be able to quickly Select All or Unselect All of them. I don’t want two big clunky buttons to do this, I just want a single checkbox in the header like I see on cool peoples’ web sites.
To do this:
1. In the Region Definition for the IR, add the checkbox to the query, e.g.:
       apex_item.checkbox(1, record_id) selected
FROM   ...
2. In the Report Attributes for the IR, modify the attributes of column “SELECTED”:
Heading = <input type="checkbox" id="selectunselectall">
Display Text As = Standard Report Column
Allow Users To = (uncheck all options, including Hide, Sort, etc.)
3. In the page definition, add a Dynamic Action:
Event = Change
Selection Type = jQuery Selector
jQuery Selector = #selectunselectall
Condition = – No Condition –
True Action = Execute JavaScript…

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