Visual force for Lightning Experience by Example

This post provides a code example for a multi-purpose Visualforce page that dynamically switches between Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience (LEX) views based on the detected user setting. At some future stage (perhaps Dreamforce ’16 will enlighten us here) the platform will likely provide support for auto-conversion of legacy Visualforce assets to the new Lightning […]

via Visualforce for Lightning Experience by Example — Force365 – Cloud Architects

Last Week on my Mac: Finder fluff, and FileMaker — The Eclectic Light Company

A curiously impossible problem with Finder sidebars, and Apple’s software success story which shuns it own App Store.

via Last Week on my Mac: Finder fluff, and FileMaker — The Eclectic Light Company

Excel: How to Use VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP Functions

via Excel tips: How to use VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions — Brown Folder

Excel Pivot Tables, Charts & Dashboards-Excel 2016, 2013 & 2010

via Excel tips: Creating a dashboard with pivot table, charts and slicers — Brown Folder

Excel:How to Enter Dates That Are Weekdays Only in a Series

Do you have to enter data for a bunch of dates but only need weekdays? Excel has the answer for you using the Autofill feature. It allows you to create a series of dates that only include the weekdays. All you have to do is enter the start date and then drag using the right […]

via How to Enter a Series of Dates in Excel That Are Only Weekdays — Gary Schwartz’s Blog

Automated Email with Python

Automated email notifications and task tracking system.

via Automated Email with Python — Data into Meaning

Configure VPN on Mac OS with Applescript-Recursive Setup

Setting up computers with the same configuration can get tedious. What if there was an easier way? I took a script that I found and tweaked to my needs. Here is a link to the original script. It is old so it didn’t work for me… But anyways, the script below will work on El […]

via Configure VPN on Mac OS X with AppleScript — Recursive Setup


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