Doug Ayers-Use Process Builder to Update Related Records When Activities Logged

Have you ever needed to automatically update a Case when a Task was logged against it? Sounds like a simple request, right? And since Spring ’17 release it is. But that wasn’t always true with Process Builder. A walk through history… Two years ago Ahmad Helal submitted idea to Allow Case to be Updated once a […]

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Force Enterprise Architecture by Andy in the Cloud

I am proud to announce the publication of the second edition of my book Enterprise Architecture. In this blog we take a look at what the book covers for new readers and for those who have read the first edition, what’s in store for them in the second! What is the book about? “This book will […]

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Enlightened Scrum Mastery by Abdul Sidduqi

Learning from our failures is the key to achieving a continuous learning mindset. This blog throws light on the mistakes I have made when I transitioned from a Project Manager to a Scrum Master. Avoiding these pitfalls not only helps us to be better servant leaders of the teams we serve but also unearths the […]

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Collaboration versus Cooperation by Stuart Hume

They sound similar and are often conflated but there are key differences and reasons why you want to work collaboratively instead of just cooperatively. Agile methods of working succeed precisely because they allow people the flexibility to work collaboratively. In teams that collaborate everyone is contributing to the same end goal. Collaboration is an active […]

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I am accountable from jachughesblog, Perspective Agility

Ever since I started my journey from the Navy into the world of IT I have been constantly writing notes, thoughts, and opinions. My hunger to learn and develop myself has never been so apparent. I was an under-achiever in school and it is only through my own determination and an aspect of luck that […]

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Following on from my last post on checking whether query folding is taking place in a Power BI/Power Query query, I’ve just stumbled on another way of doing this – by looking at metadata. I blogged about M metadata and Power Query some time ago (you might want to read the post to get some […]

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1. Database.query() retrives 50K records where as Database.getQueryLocator() retrives 50 million records from Database. 2. Database.query() is used to construct dynamic query instead of using SOQL query where as Database.getQueryLocator() is the return type of start method of a Batch class.

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Create a Custom JSON in apex code Apex is the coding language for Salesforce cloud computing. Salesforce provides a Class ‘JSONGenerator’ using which one can serialize a collection, wrapper class into JSON or can deserialize in reverse. Using this class a Custom JSON can also be written, below is the code snippet for the same: […]

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Last Fall when Salesforce introduced Einstein, its artificial intelligence initiative, it debuted with some intelligence built into the core CRM tool, but with a promise that it would expand into other products over time. Today it announced it was adding Einstein AI to its Service Cloud customer service platform. The goal is to make life easier […]

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Back in Spring ’16, Salesforce added a tool for assessing an org’s security – Setup > Security Controls > Health Check. I hadn’t had a reason to use it until recently. Despite having the standard System Administrator profile, I got the following error when trying to use it. Insufficient Privileges You do not have the level […]

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