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If you are a beginner and haven’t setup and IDE to work with openCV, I suggest you take a look at one of my tutorials here:

OpenCV’s claim to fame is it’s ability to effortlessly work with video feed, either live or recorded.Each frame of the video is considered as a single image,and then processed on.There are many tutorials available on the ‘net on how to go about doing this, but a mojority of them are in C, not C++. As a result, they use pointers to IplImage (IplImage*) to accomplish this.

But with the release of OpenCV 2, a new class ,Mat, was introduced, which makes handling images even simpler than before.Additionally, it treats images as a Matrix, which is what all digital images actually are!

So for the length of this tutorial, Mat class & objects of Mat will mean Images.
Also, in order to get…

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