Joris Visscher

On an Oracle Service Bus project you are often supplied with XSD’s or WSDL’s when you’re integrating with clients. The customer or client expects you to test their web service but before you do, you might want to take a look at the XML which should be sent to make sure you’re sending compliant XML.

One way to do this is by importing the WSDL in SoapUI and creating sample test requests, this comes in quite handy when you are actually using a WSDL, but what if the customer only supplies an XSD? SoapUI does not support creating sample XML from an XSD element.
There are several commercial products which can solve this problem but if you’re only looking for generating sample XML messages from XSD, you might want to look at using Eclipse’s built in XML generating option:

First step is to import the XSD in your project, the…

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