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Most of the tutorials and demos I have seen up to this point for integrating JavaFX with NetBeans Rich Client Platform (RCP) applications have created and configured JavaFX components by using the JavaFX Java APIs that are now shipped as part of the JDK as opposed to using the FXML markup language.  This seems logical since if one is already coding a panel or container in Java, it makes sense to instantiate and configure JavaFX components for that container in Java as well.  The disadvantage to this is that you are not able to leverage the benefits of Scene Builder to design your JavaFX components.  Scene Builder is a WYSIWYG design tool for creating components and UIs in JavaFX.  Behind the scenes (pun intended) the application generates an FXML representation of the UI, and does *not* generate Java code.

In the following example I will create a JavaFX component with…

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