Month: October 2012

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We patched yesterday a SharePoint Server farm (2 SP servers) with three cumulative updates (Aug, Oct, Dec 2011) and faced the following errors:

  • Failed to install the application content files
    • Additional Extra info:
      • Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    • StackTrace:
      • at Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPAspConfigurationFile.ApplyActionToXmlDocument
      • at Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPAspConfigurationFile.MergeWebConfig
      • at Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService.ApplyApplicationContentToLocalServer
      • at Microsoft.SharePoint.PostSetupConfiguration.ApplicationContentTask.Run
    • Cause:
      • We encountered an orphaned config file in the <14-hive>/config folder.
    • Solution:
      • just moved the file to a backup location and the problem was solved
  • “Failed to upgrade SharePoint Products”
  • “Upgrade Timer job is exiting due to exception”
    • Additional Extra Info:
      • Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPUpgradeException: Upgrade completed with errors
    • Cause
      • An extra created log-error file was created…

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Data and Analytics with Dustin Ryan

Thanks to everyone who attended my PowerPivot 101 webinar last Tuesday morning! It was a blast and I had a great time presenting for the 300 strong crowd that attended!

In case you missed the webinar, you can easily view the recording here free of charge! Also, don’t forget to check out the dozens of other free webinar recordings. With this kind of free training available, there really is no excuse for you to not be learning something new!

If you’re looking for a great book to get you started with PowerPivot and DAX, I would suggest checking out the following books:


PowerPivot for Excel 2010: Give Your Data Meaning
Marco Russo & Alberto Ferrari





Practical PowerPivot & DAX Formulas for Excel 2010
Art Tennick




Also, check back for my PowerPivot Q&A responses in a later blog post! Thanks again to everyone…

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SharePoint provides a great infrastructure for quickly building intranet and Internet applications. ASP.NET AJAX provides a foundation for creating highly productive Web interfaces. Combined they are two great tastes that taste great together! In this session we will cover the basics of working with ASP.NET AJAX inside of SharePoint 2007. We will take a look at how to prepare a Web Application for ASP.NET AJAX, and how to use various ASP.NET AJAX tools such as the JavaScript libraries, JSON-enabled Web services, and UpdatePanels to build add rich interactivity to your SharePoint sites.

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With SharePoint 2010, analysts and developers now have the ability to work together more efficiently to prototype solutions in SharePoint Designer 2010, and then deploy those re-usable solutions utilizing Visual Studio 2010. In this session we’ll introduce this new functionality available with SharePoint 2010 and its toolset, and complete a few demonstrations to showcase these new features.

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