Beyond PMO Consulting

I learn a lot from my team. Especially when I take the time to listen.  I should listen more to them and I am sure if I do I will learn more.  Here are examples of creative ideas and inspirations I have gotten from my team members, present and past.  All of them focus on motivating and managing stakeholders and building team spirit.

First tip is to celebrate successes, even small ones with the client.  This is very helpful to build teams that extend beyond company boundaries to include subcontractors, suppliers, and clients alike.

Second tip is to call for impromptu meetings with the team to discuss an emerging issue, a new idea, an opportunity etc, especially an idea form another team member.  Make it a short meeting, preferably standing, and get input from everybody.  It allows team members to interact and feel empowered to participate in improvements.

A third tip…

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