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Nonviolent Project Management

Photo of a hand drawing the four steps of the NVC process

Some eighteen years ago now, I started using a technique I named “Stakeholders and their Needs” – as part of my approach to managing software development projects. I’ve found it a useful enough technique to continue using and evolving it on just about every endeavour I’ve worked on since then.

Aside 1: There’s a paper describing this and other aspects of the whole approach – which in its early days was called “Jerid” and more recently has evolved into “Javelin”.

Aside 2: This was all long before I became aware of Rosenberg and Nonviolent Communication, or even paid much attention to e.g. Gandhi and the general idea of nonviolence.

Aside 3: As in some other posts, I’m leaving to another day the contentious question of whether we should even have “projects” in the world of software and product development. And whether “Project Managers”…

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