Andy in the Cloud

I love API’s! How do I know I really love an API? When I sit down on an evening and the next thing I know the birds start singing, thats how!

So when Salesforce first announced the Tooling API I’ve been following it closely and I am really pleased with the first version and what I’ve been able to achieve thus far with it. In the Spring’13 release it will be GA! Unsurprisingly like the Metadata API it provides CRUD  (Create, Cread, Update and Delete) access to some of the key component types such as ApexClass,  ApexTrigger and ApexPage. This list will grow in time. So whats the big deal you say? Well….


The real magic is what this API brings in terms of the tasks and information around authoring and executing Apex and Visualforce. Such as Debug logs, Heap dumps and my personal favourite Symbol Tables

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