Programmatic Ponderings

Recently, I purchased a Google Nexus 7. Excited to being development with this Android 4.2 device, I first needed to prepare my development environment. The process of configuring my Ubuntu Linux-based laptop to debug directly on the Nexus 7 was fairly easy once I identified all necessary steps. I thought I would share my process for those who are trying to do the same. Note the following steps assume you already have Java installed on you development computer. Also, that your Nexus 7 is connected via USB.


1) Install ADT Bundle: Download and extract the Android Developer Tools (ADT) Bundle from I installed the Linux 64-bit version for use on my Ubuntu 12.10 laptop. The bundle, according to the website, includes ‘the essential Android SDK components and a version of the Eclipse IDE with built-in ADT to streamline your Android app development.’

2) Install IA32 Libraries: Install…

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