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By Dick Stark

On Tuesday, BMC held a webinar for its sales team and partners to announce that BMC had created a new division, headed by Matt Dircks, to focus solely on Remedyforce.  This is good news for RightStar as it reinforces the investment we’ve made in Remedyforce and provides a positive outlook moving forward.  Here is why I’m bullish about Remedyforce.

ScanStar for Remedyforce. Yesterday, Joe Fiorello and Brett Winston closed a significant ScanStar Remedyforce barcode scanning opportunity with Alexion Pharmaceuticals.  Alexion will use barcode scanners with ScanStar to reconcile and inventory their IT and some non-IT assets using the Remedyforce CMDB as the data repository.  Only RightStar can offer this capability to provide a “cradle to grave” asset management solution.

Separate Remedyforce BMC Division. By creating a separate division, BMC sends a strong message that BMC is really serious about Remedyforce.  And picking Matt Dircks, a former…

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