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Auto Recovery Scripts is also one of the helpful features introduced in SQL SERVER 2012. It is GOOD NEWS for those who generally forget to save the scripts in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) or for some reason could not save the script or close the SSMS abnormally with scripts. By default in SQL SERVER 2012 (SSMS), this feature is turned on with default settings.

Location of Auto Recovery Option in SSMS :
This option is available in Tools >> Options >> Environment >> AutoRecover

Settings available in Auto Recovery :
Given below are the settings available in Auto Recovery.

  • Save Recovery Information :
    • You can set after how many minutes your script should be saved automatically. By default it is after 5 minutes.
  • Keep auto recovered information :
    • You can also set for how many days SSMS should keep those files. By default it is 7 days.

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