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A customer came up and said, we are having a large number of SharePoint Enterprise licenses and we want to know how many websites in our Farm are actually using Enterprise features of SharePoint.

In SharePoint, enterprise features are available by enabling the SharePoint Feature called as “PremiumWeb” with featureID as “0806D127-06E6-447a-980E-2E90B03101B8”. A good list of available enterprise features and their contents is available at

Now to find out which websites are actually have the Enterprise features (using them or not, is a totally different area of discussion) enabled for them, we should be easily able to iterate through the webs and their sub-webs and then check the feature list of each SPWeb object and see if we have “PremiumWeb” feature available or not. If the feature exists, that particular web has got enterprise features enabled.

Below is the code that I used…

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