If you are one among the many that downloaded my consistency check stored procedure called “dba_RunCHECKDB”, you may have noticed a “small” glitch… it doesn’t work on SQL Server 2012!

This is due to the resultset definition of DBCC CHECKDB, which has changed again in SQL Server 2012. Trying to pipe the results of that command in the table definition for SQL Server 2008 produces a column mismatch and it obviously fails.

Fixing the code is very easy indeed, but I could never find the time to post the corrected version until today.

Also, I had to discover the new table definition for DBCC CHECKDB, and it was not just as easy as it used to be in SQL Server 2008. In fact, a couple of days ago I posted a way to discover the new resultset definition working around the cumbersome metadata discovery feature introduced in…

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