How to Refresh Pagination Links via AJAX in Liftweb using Scala

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In our previous blog , we explained about using Pagination in Lift using Scala . But If you render a page via AJAX , pagination link would not be refreshed until we reload the page .
In this blog , we will have a basic idea that how to refresh pagination via AJAX .
Suppose you are displaying an item list on web and you want to paginate that list then you have to implement PaginatorSnippet in your snippet class file .

Override count , itemPerPage and page properties .

count – number of all items you have (here all Measurements)
page – represents current slice
itemPerPage – Number of Items per page

Now define RequestVar holders for Pagination

Now define render method .

Finally add below markup in your HTML file .

Source Code : You can found source code on the Knoldus GitHub account here : Login Template…

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