JavaFX is Eye Candy and I Have a Sweet Tooth. (Another Extreme UI Makeover)

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In a previous article I showed a redesigned user interface for our Freight Management System (FMS) application using JavaFX as we begin to migrate away from Swing.  We are continuing to design screens for new functionality in FMS, and in this article I will illustrate a makeover I implemented for this new screen using JavaFX, which we had originally had planned to use Swing when the UI was first designed.

The screenshot below shows the original wireframe mock-up of what will be the new “VFC Recovery” screen within our Inbound Planning module of the FMS application.  This module will be used by our warehouse planning personel to display all “Trips” that will be arriving at their terminal.  A trip could be an incoming truck, ship, rail, or flight which has freight destined for the terminal.  On this screen, inbound planners in our warehouses will have the ability to see these…

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