Objective-C workflow for iOS apps


This article reviews a simple, lightweight Objective-C workflow component for iOS applications. The source code and demo app can be downloaded from GitHub and freely used under the permissive MIT license.

Repository: https://github.com/ijoshsmith/iOS-Workflow

Workflow as a conceptual tool

Workflow diagrams are often used to investigate and document complex problems. They consist of boxes connected by arrows. A box can represent various things, depending on its shape, but for our purposes here it represents a decision or a work item.

Decision boxes have two or more arrows pointing away from them, each arrow representing a distinct result for whatever decision was made. A work item box, on the other hand, has no more than one arrow pointing away from it. That arrow shows what happens after the task is completed. If the box does not have an arrow pointing at another box, it is a final node in the workflow. A workflow…

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