Month: April 2013

Understanding Postgres Data Caching | Heroku Dev Center

Understanding Postgres Data Caching | Heroku Dev Center.

Salesforce Helptext with Custom Tooltip

Salesforce Tips

Often we need to override native layout in salesforce by custom implementations. In order to go on this way I have explored field-level Help Text Tool-Tip in customize way.

Here is a very simple example to build more understanding over this.

Visualforce Code :

<apex:page standardController="Opportunity">     <!-- Style Panel Satrts--->     <style type="text/css">         .imgclass:hover{             background-image: url(/img/help/helpOrbs.gif);             background-repeat: no-repeat;             width: 16px;             height: 15px;               background-position: right;         }         .imgclass{             background-image: url(/img/help/helpOrbs.gif);             background-repeat: no-repeat;             width: 16px;             height: 15px;         }  …

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IsVisibleInSelfService = true :)


I was working on assignment which required me to access Tasks and show on customer portal. I written the apex code and fired SOQL, but to my surprise none of Tasks were fetched. I thought its a permission issue from profile or sharing access issue.

However at the end I found that there is a field on task object called IsVisibleInSelfService which derives the visibility of the tasks for customer portals. Even Apex code can’t find the task if this boolean field is not set to true.

Probably its trivial information but usefull when you are not aware of this 🙂

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Salesforce generates “Unknown Exception” during Deployment

Cloudy Development

Have you ever encountered an “Unknown exception” error message when trying to deploy/validate a Deployment Set ? Something like the following ?


It doesn’t really provide you with a lot of information, so no idea what to do right ?Before contacting Salesforce Support, maybe it worths giving a try to the following:

Go to the Developer Console and Clear the Heap Dumps !


Hope it helps…

P.S. The explanation behind this, is that the Heap Dumps are also generated during deployment and this requires too much memory 😉

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Salesforce URLFOR redirecting to a Visualforce page which is part of a package

Cloudy Development

This is a quick one but we struggled a little bit before finding out how to make it work.

Requirement: Redirect to a Visualforce page which is part of a package from a Javascript button.

URLFOR($Page.NAMESPACE__MYPAGE) doesn’t even compile…

but the following works like a charm !


yes it’s 2 _ in between

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Lead Tracking 101: Understanding Advertising ROI in Salesforce


Most marketers know they need to track their leads, in order to understand which advertising, blogs or social media are sending them the best ones – the leads most likely to convert to customers, to show a positive return on investment (ROI) from advertising, to drive long term revenue.

Aside from all the different technological approaches available, such as building your own tracking mechanism or using a Salesforce application that tracks leads from your web site into Salesforce CRM, the large amounts of data collected can be a somewhat confusing experience.

 This post explores some of the different tracking data available, and more importantly what it all means. It is focused around Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Salesforce terminology, though many of these definitions will apply to any online advertising.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” — Attributed…

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