CRUD with PHP MVC, PDO, JSON and Twitter Bootstrap

Foysal Mamun

We will create a CRUD application by using MVC design pattern,  PDO extension, Jquery and Twitter Bootstrap.
We will use JSON as data-interchange format for HTTP request and response.

To learn about::
MVC Design Pattern -> link1, link2
PDO -> link1, link2
JSON -> link
Twitter Bootstrap -> link

Before start coding you can take a look on the demo:: Demo

First of all we create a table and populate it, use below script::

Directory Structure::
We have only two parent directory “models” and “ui”. So create these two directory in your app location.
Download Twitter Bootstrap from “Bootstrap“. and put it just under “ui” directory.

Now we will create all our views related files. So create “index.php” in app directory and put below code::

In this “index.php” file we included all our static content as files. We will load our dynamic content in “content” div.
Next in “ui”…

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