Preview : Apex Enterprise Patterns – Domain Layer

Andy in the Cloud

I’ve been busy writing the next article in my series on Apex Enterprise Patterns. This weekend I completed the draft for review before submitting to Its the biggest article yet, with over three and half thousand words. And an update to the Dreamforce 2012 sample code to support some additional OO and test aspects I wanted to highlight.

The following is a sneak preview of the upcoming article. Also if your interested in taking a look at some of the updated sample code you’ll find this in the Github repo here. Enjoy!

Domain Model, “An object model of the domain that incorporates both behavior and data.”, “At its worst business logic can be very complex. Rules and logic describe many different cases and slants of behavior, and it’s this complexity that objects were designed to work with…” Martin Fowler, EAA Patterns

Who uses the Domain layer?


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