Project Leadership is art, science, and execution

The Project Leader Minute

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Yes, Project Leadership is art, science, and execution. I  was reminded of this yesterday during a requirements meeting in which I was walking business unit leaders from sales and marketing  through the various roles and capabilities of two new apps they had commissioned. After working through the use cases for the first app, I announced we needed to validate the roles for the second one too, even if the apps were similar. They grumbled, shifted in their seats and crossed their arms. One barked “Oh come on, it’s the same thing. Just copy the first one!”  Another concluded, “I don’t think we need to do that,” and even began gathering up his belongings. What would you do?

The old project manager in me– ever aiming to placate the customer– would have suggested a follow-up meeting. “After all, the poor people are tired,” I would have reasoned, “may…

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