Agile in the Digital Space


I’ve been doing some form of Agile in my career for 7 years.  For the first 6.5 of that, everything was done manually on the traditional whiteboard.  A plethora of  index cards held up by magnets, moved around by developers and testers alike as needed.  I’ve always enjoyed the visual of knowing where you stand with all your work and what is left to do.   This always proved a little more trouble-some when you added remote teams/members to the mix as it became tough to keep track of both their work, and to keep them up to date with the board.  Sometimes we would send pictures of the board, otherwise we’d maintain multiple sets of boards and update both, either way it wasn’t great.  And if you had to work from home, forget about it!

Recently our team/company finally caught up with the times and we now have an…

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