A Javascript/HTML5 tutorial – Part 1 building a basic Text Adventure

Doms Code


I come from the age when text adventures were serious fun, ZORK and Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy were two of my favourite text adventures. OK so maybe the golden age of the text adventure is still stuck in the 1980’s but I still remember those glory days. So the game I am building is certainly not up there in the same territory as ZORK but I hope you can see the sort of cool things you can do with Js/Jquery and HTML 5.

The game is pretty simple use the N,S,E and W to move around the dungeon and a few other useful commands. Search for the Dragon and if you have the right weapon and equipment you may be able to kill it. If you use  a mobile browser you should see some buttons that make life a little easier than using a little virtual keyboard.


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