How to get an Siebel Object Manager Log for Dedicated Client or Tools?


Here are simple steps to get the Siebel Object Manager Log generated in the local machine, when we are connected to dedicated client.

1. Right Click on “My Computer” and select Properties.
2. Select the Advanced tab and open the Environmental Variables window.
3. Under User Variables section, create two Environmental Variables as per following :
a) Variable = SIEBEL_LOG_DIR, Value = C:\LOG
b) Variable = SIEBEL_LOG_EVENTS, Value = ALL
4. Click on Ok
5. Create a Folder with name “LOG” in “C” drive. This is the folder, where all the logs gets generated.
6. Done.

Just restart the Siebel Dedicated client and you will see a “Siebel.log” gets created under C:\LOG folder, which will give you all the details what is happening in the background.

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