RIP Salesforce Portals: Summer ’07 – Summer ’13


So Spring ’13 has already sprung and without much fanfare.  Sure the Country and State picklists were a nice addition (if you requested it and went through the setup and customization to make it work) but it was uneventful as Salesforce releases go.  Now Summer ’13 is heating up and boy does it sizzle.  The first and most exciting change coming in Summer ’13 has got to be the end of Portals for new Salesforce Orgs.  I know it sounds sad, but while we say goodbye to Portals we welcome the new and social Chatter Communities.

Customer and Partner portals were game changers way back in the old days of 2007 (yes, I scoured old release notes to find when it went GA), back in a time before Enterprise organizations were Social.  In Summer ’13 we say goodbye to an era when companies spoke to you, not with you and…

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