SQL SERVER 2012 – Insert Snippet …

SQL Server Portal

SQL Server 2012 came up with many new features and enhancements. Insert Snippet is one of the new features introduced in it. This feature reduces the development time and increases productivity. How ? It basically generates the code snippet for the most frequently used objects in SQL Server instantly (with few clicks or key strokes).  But it is not limited to the frequently used objects, custom code snippet template can also be added in it and can generate it at any point of time, to make life easier. How to create custom code snippet will be demonstrated in my up coming article.

Given below are the object’s code snippet available in SQL Server as a standard template :

  • Function 
  • Index
  • Login
  • Role
  • Schema
  • Stored Procedure
  • Synonym
  • Table
  • Trigger
  • User
  • User Defined Data Type
  • User Defined Table Type
  • User Defined Type
  • View

Let me insert a Create Tablecode snippet step by step using

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