SQL SERVER 2012 – Semantic Search – Implementation– Part-2

SQL Server Portal

In Part 1 of Semantic Search Implementation that I published yesterday, I wrote about how to install and configure semantic search in SQL Server 2012. Today in Part 2, we will learn how to implement semantic search and will demonstrate how beneficial it is.

Prerequisite :

Given below are the two articles that you should read to have clear understanding about Semantic Search Implementation.

  1. Install & Configure Semantic Search
  2. File Table

Lets Implement it step by step.

Step 1: Create database

Step 2: Create FileTable

Step 3: Populate data into FileTable
In this step, we will insert few Cvs in the file table.

Step 4: Create full text search on FileTable

Right click on the file table point to full-Text index then select Define Full-Text Index… Further details to create Full Text Index is available here

Now, we are prepared to use semantic search. Lets create few examples.

Example 1: Search Sharepoint Developer CVs

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