Using jQuery’s AutoComplete in Salesforce – Part 1

Salesforce, junglified.

Using the Auto-Complete plugin enhances the UI functionality. Whenever a user enter a value in a input field, the auto-complete will show the user a possible set of value which matches the user input value.

Now, Just to show an example , I will use the auto-complete functionality on a country input field. When a user starts entering a value, based on his entry we will show the possible values. We will make use of the jQuery auto-complete plugin. This plugin makes it very simple to implement the autocomplete in salesforce, any HTML content for that matter.

In the first example we will use the plugin in a VF page then we will implement a similar functionality on a standard page.

Step 1: Create a VF page, I will name it AutoCompleteExample
Step 2: Copy the below code and save the page.
Step 3: Open the VF page you have…

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