Scripting the Apex Metadata API and Batch Apex Support

Andy in the Cloud

The Apex Metadata API (a native Apex wrapper around the Salesforce equivalent) has had a steady increase of followers and questions since it was created in October 2012. Judging by the feedback I have had its enabling quite a few time saving and wizard style solutions in your native applications! This blog introduces a new example using Batch Apex to ‘script’ the creation of custom objects, fields, pages etc. in an org more easily in a none UI context.

The Salesforce Metadata API is an asynchronous API, which means you have to poll it to determine the fate of your requests. At launch I provided some examples of doing this via apex:actionPoller using Visualforce. Recently given some queries on the forums and this blog, I decided to invest a little more in a Batch Apex example. The new MetadataCreateJob class (and test) implements Batch Apex using a custom iterator to process…

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