Understanding Siebel SQL Spool


You can spool the SQL to a file using dedicated client by including the /s switch in your dedicated client link. However, I advise that it is better to just view the siebel dedicated client log file as the siebel log file will contain not only the SQL spool but also the Event Context and other useful information as to what Siebel is doing. You need to ensure that the SIEBEL_LOG_EVENTS environment variable is set to 4 on your local machine to get this information.

In the Siebel log file, the following text will precede the SQL spool associated with a business component:

Begin: Execute SqlObj ‘[bc_name]’

Where [bc_name] = The name of the business component

There can exist multiple SQL statements associated with instantiating a business component. The first SQL statement is the main core SQL query to instantiate the business component. Then any additional SQL statements exist…

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