Code Coverage for WSDL2Apex Generated Classes

Andy in the Cloud provides a means to generate Apex classes that allow the calling of a given Web Service as described by a WSDL (Web Service Definition Language). This tool is often referred to as the WSD2Apex tool. Despite not having any real “logic” in them, these classes also need code coverage in order to deploy to Production or include a Package.

While the tests for your Apex code that calls the Web Service indirectly ensures you obtain a certain amount of coverage of these classes, it may not be enough. Since you may only require use of a subset of the types and methods generated. The solution is often to comment out the bits not needed, however this is less than ideal if you plan on regenerating the Apex classes, when the Web Service is updated.

This short blog illustrates a way to generically cover the types and methods generated by the WSDL2Apex tool…

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