How to use MarkLogic with Open Government?

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How to use MarkLogic with US Congress Bill Data?


I’m a big advocate for open government data projects. One of the more interesting efforts is the US Congress legislation data that is published every night on GitHub.

Here’s the link. =>

For more about GitHub, please see this Clay Shirky TED talk.

Clay Shirky would like to use GitHub as a tool to manage the legislation process. He calls it a new “form of arguing”. It’s a great idea but GitHub is not an easy tool for government legislators yet. It could use some ease-of-use tweaks for folks not familiar with software development.

In any case, Clay mentioned the posting of US Congress Bill data that occurs nightly. Posting the data is a great example of government transparency.  This data can be used to measure congressional productivity and maybe even accountability.

This data makes it possible…

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