Using SQL for Advanced Query of Siebel Tools


We can query all fields in Siebel Tools no problem. In the Object Explorer we can choose flat mode and query across all objects. If we need to however perform more advanced queries, query for all applets used within a particular screen as an example, we need to use SQL.

Here is the method; we will use the example of querying for all applets used within a Screen. In this example we will not include all pick applets, mvg applets and popup applets in the screen (although this can be achieved), we will just query for the form and list applets.

  • Determine the logic for our query:

To retrieve all applets within a screen,  determine that a screen contains views and views contain view web templates, view web templates contain view web template items and view web template items contain applets. We can see this relationship in Siebel Tools Object Explorer…

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