Date Filtering in Excel from your Analysis Services Dimension

Gilbert Quevauvilliers - BI blog

I recently had to set up another Date Dimension and went through the process of setting up all the properties in the date dimension so that when it is used in Excel, the end users would then be able to use the Date Filters built into Excel.

The Excel Date Filters are very handy when creating Excel documents. As an example if you create your Date Filter to be for the last month. Every time you open your Excel document it will automatically filter to the current month.

So below are the details on how to set this up on your Date Dimension. I have used the Adventure Works DW 2008R2 Database and Analysis Services Project.

  1. Open up your Dim Date Dimension
  2. Then you need to click on your Date Key and select Properties
  3. You MUST now add the following to your Date Key Properties:
    1. Where it says 

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