Using jQuery Drag-And-Drop in Ebooks

chelsea hanna cohen

One of the hardest parts of my project was figuring out how to use jQuery correctly and, specifically, how to get its drag-and-drop code to work in iBooks. I pieced it together with the help of friends and people on Twitter, but I thought I’d write it out step-by-step for anyone who wants to try it in their own ebooks. So if you want to use drag-and-drop in your ebook, here’s how to do it (not supported in all e-readers).

1. Go here: The UI stands for User Interface, and you can find all sorts of fun features here, such as tabs (which do work in iBooks, but not everything on this site does).

2. On the right, click on “Custom Download.” Uncheck “Toggle All” at the top, then make sure you select “Toggle All” under “UI Core” and also check “Draggable” and “Droppable” under “Interactions.” (For the…

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