tux_dancing_medium       It has become really rare to see a house without a computer. Computer Revolution has almost conquered the whole world. Computers are much like a mind-amplification tool.“Computers are like a bicycle for our mind”– says Steve Jobs. They do things that you order them, provided the instructions given are RIGHT..

     A Computer has Hardware components ( MotherBoard, Monitor, Keyboard and  etc.,) and Software components(System Software, Application Software and etc.,). Operating System is the System Software of a computer that helps the Application softwares to function. It provides services like Task Scheduling, Security Management, Network Management, Disk Management, Memory Management and etc.,

Eg:-For Word Process Package (Application Software) to function, it needs to talk to the System’s hardware. This is done via the help of an  Operating System.

In simple terms, I would say, Operating System acts much like an ELECTRONIC SERVANT to the…

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