Every cloud … why IT departments are more important than ever

The CIO Leader

CloudsRewind just over 12 months when there were numerous articles proclaiming the end of the CIO role within five years; IT departments would be bypassed by CFOs and CMOs purchasing cloud services directly from vendors and without the involvement of the internal IT function.

I argued against this view in a number of articles on this site. In What is it with the CIO role… I explained how selecting and managing multiple service providers was a key element of the CIO role and, with the advent of cloud, was becoming more important, not less. I also explained how the successful procurement and use of cloud services requires a range of technical knowledge covering security models, integration with internal or other cloud-based systems, understanding when to use private or public cloud, negotiating service level agreements, etc. My conclusion in that article was that cloud would actually reinforce the importance of the…

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