Lync 2013 error : BackCompatSchema.ldf failed. The exit code is “8224”

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During deploying Lync 2013 pilot pool for side-by-side migration from Lync 2010, I faced with strange problem on Step 1 (AD Preparation) in Wizard.schema error

I have had installed Lync 2010 in my infrastructure, so I have a “half-prepared” schema for Lync 2013 Server. To update your current schema Lync uses four ldf scripts , which you can find in your Lync installation disk (<drive letter>:\support\schema).

  • ExternalSchema.ldf is is used for interoperability with Microsoft Exchange Server
  • ServerSchema.ldf is the primary Lync Server 2013 schema file
  • BackCompatSchema.ldf is used for interoperability with any components from prior releases
  • VersionSchema.ldf is used for version information of the prepared schema

Wizard runs them in the following order :

  1. ExternalSchema.ldf
  2. ServerSchema.ldf
  3. BackCompatSchema.ldf
  4. VersionSchema.ldf

To resolve my problem I decided to run scripts manually on my DC
*don’t forget to change DC=  and type FQDN of your DC

ldifde.exe -i -v -k -j "C:\Users\rlevchenko\AppData\Local\Temp" -f "D:\Support\Schema\ExternalSchema.ldf"…

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