Act-On Launches SaaS Application Dedicated To Automation Of Inbound Marketing

Cloud Computing Today

Today, Act-On Software announced the launch of Act-On Inbound, a SaaS application that expands the purview of Act-On’s marketing software to include an offering dedicated to inbound marketing. Act-On Inbound integrates analytics across multiple inbound marketing channels to provide customers with a holistic picture of how website, blog and advertising campaigns facilitate lead generation as well as conversions. The resulting holistic picture of a customer’s inbound marketing profile enables enterprises to accurately measure the ROI of advertising campaigns and to proactively, iteratively refine content and advertising initiatives as the universe of digital content evolves.

Act-On Inbound features the following:

•SEO Enhancement

The solution provides customers with direction for improving website content, blogs and other landing pages after a thorough analysis of the SEO performance of each respective component of inbound content. Importantly, Act-On Inbound delivers SEO recommendations after performing a 360 degree evaluation of SEO performance across multiple sources…

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