Authorize a Twitter Data request in R

Getting Under the Water

In order to get data from Twitter you have to let them know that you are in fact authorized to do so. The first step in getting data from Twitter is to create an application with Twitter. The interested reader should explore the section “Where do I create an application?” under the FAQ for instructions on how to create a Twitter application. To authenticate a data request from Twitter we simply need to send the appropriate credentials to Twitter along with our request for data. The site provides useful step-by-step guides on how to authenticate data requests (see specifically the documents creating a signature, percent encoding parameters and authorizing a request), guides which we’ll explore here in the context of the R dialect.

Install and load the R packages RCurl, bitops, digest, ROAuth and RJSONIO.

## Install R packages install.packages('RCurl') install.packages('bitops')…

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