Extracting list of all the objects (Standard + Custom) in Salesforce

Salesforce, junglified.

Adding another category in blog today : “Just for kicks!!”, which is the reason for this post.

Today as I was whiling away hours, a thought struck my mind ‘Why not list out all the objects(which is quite simple) and their related objects(this was challenging) as well in a VF page’?

The reason listing the child object for each object was challenging is because salesforce(governer limits) only allows 100 childrelationship describes per apex invocation, as we already have more 100 objects in our org, doing child describes for each objects will result in more than 100 child relationship describe per invocation. As a workaround: I added a apex:actionFunction which will be fired every 2.5 seconds triggering a method in the class, so each time it is triggered it is considered as one invocation.


So here’s the code (save the class 1st and then the Page):

Apex Class:

VF page:


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