OpenStack powered by VMware

Virtualized Geek

The more I think about it the strategy of VMware joining OpenStack is starting to make more and more sense. I wrote an earlier piece on how vCloud Director vs. OpenStack wasn’t the debate. Similar I don’t believe VMware and OpenStack compete at even the datacenter layer or Cloud layer for that matter. An argument could be made that before VMware and EMC spun off Pivotal that OpenStack and VMware were direct competitors but since the spinoff I think VMware really does want OpenStack to succeed.

My primary argument is OpenStack is doing for VMware what open source is designed to do at its core; which is to give contributors and users a jump start on the product and services based on the core distribution. The “traditional” players use of OpenStack has been an obvious and I’d argue intended use case. Rackspace, Dell and HP are all Cloud providers…

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