SQL Server 2012 – Debugger Enhancements

SQL Server Portal

Debugger plays an important role in any development platform. As much stronger the debugger is, as less consumption of debugging time. SQL Server 2012 came with the strong debugging techniques that will reduce your time and efforts as well. But how ?

Before proceeding with the explanation of debugger, let me create an example to demonstrate debugger features.

Example :


How to start debugger :
Before proceeding with the features, let me tell you how to run the debugger.
Go to Debug menu and select Start Debugging or Press (Alt +F5) as shown in the picture.


Let me explain the feature of debugger in detail.

Feature 1 : (Cannot put the breakpoint in any invalid location)
This is one of the nicest features in debugger that will stop you putting unnecessary breakpoints on INVALID location.
Given below is the screen image :


Feature 2 : (Define Condition)
In the earlier version…

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