Back To Front (Scrolling a Vertical Game Background Using Windows 8, Javascript & HTML5)

The Long Walk

I’m currently trying to write my first game using the Windows 8 platform. I’ve just finished a painful time trying to work out how to vertically scroll a repeating background. In my case, it’s a star-scape, but this should work for anything.


The Problem


Imagine you have a single image as a background to your game, but you want to make it look like your game is moving forwards (literally). However, also imagine that you’re incredibly bad at drawing, or manipulating images in any way – so you want to just use one image.




This works for a star-scape because stars look pretty much the same unless you pay very close attention – obviously if you have a vertical shoot ’em up then this might not work, depending how innocuous you make the background.


The Solution


Okay, so my solution here was to…

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