SQL SERVER 2012 – How to generate a varchar Sequence Number – Using Sequence Object

SQL Server Portal

Sequence object is one of the new additions in SQL Server 2012. It has lot of functionality plus identity column functionality as well. However, there are certain limitations and one of the limitations is, you can only create sequence object in number datatype. Given below is the screen image.


So, how can we create a sequence object with varchar datatype ?
Lets do it step by step.

Step 1 :
In this step, we need to create a sample table and a sequence to demonstrate it.

Step 2 :
In this step, we need to create a default value for the [ID] column of the above table, and the default value of the [ID] column should be SEQUENCE and add a custom script to make it varchar.

Given below is the script.

Step 3 :
Lets insert few records into the table.

Step 4 :
Once the data has been…

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