Ext JS 4: Adding ComboBoxes via Remote Configuration in MVC

In the Folds

In an Ext JS 4 MVC application I am currently working on, I need to programatically add comboboxes to a form.  The list of comboboxes varies depending on the selected user.  In addition, the store backing each of the comboboxes is different.  Here is my approach.

The Model
In my case, although the stores might have different data, they have the same fields.  It is a generic label/value set up.

The Store
Because the stores are so similar for each combo, I created a store that was specific to my case, but generic enough to be used for all the combo boxes. The important part is the alias that is part of the store definition ‘store.mycombostore’. This will allow me to reference the store type, but ensure a new store is created for each combobox. This helpful piece of information is from the comments on the store config for ComboBox, found…

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