Month: July 2013

PHP Pagination

Shailesh Manoj Singh


This is a script to make pagination in PHP like or This script was written by a guy from Shailesh Singh.

In this page I’ve edit the script a little bit to make it working and easy to edit.

My tutorial is just a guide how to implemente in your PHP script. The image below is what you’ll get after finished this code.

PHP Pagination Script


STEP1: The Code

Grab the code and paste in your text editor.
You have to customize 7 spots in this code (see images below).

1. Code to connect to your DB – place or include your code to connect to database.
2. $tbl_name – your table name.
3. $adjacents – how many adjacent pages should be shown on each side.
4. $targetpage – is the name of file ex. I saved this file as pagination.php, my $targetpage should be “pagination.php”.
5. $limit…

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extract() method example in PHP

Techno Trendz

by using extract() function, we can create variables with associative arrays elements

varaible names are element keys and variable values are element values

echo $x;  //10
echo $y;  //20
echo $abc;  //scott

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Getting a PHP json_encode object into jQuery

For the love of Code

Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you have to send a bunch of text obtained from a database query, to jQuery or JS script to insert it into the DOM.

One of the ways to do that is to convert the data obtained from a PHP query, into a JSON object, and then inject this into the DOM asynchronously ( using AJAX, of course). This can be done as follows :

First lets talk about the structure of a simple json object :

  1. {

  2. “name”: “Solomon”,

  3. “age” : “67”,

  4. “sex”: “male”

  5. }

Its similar to an associative array with some “key” : “value”  pairs. Both the keys and values are written in quotes. To access these values in Javascript, this json object is assigned to a variable :

  1. var json =  { “name”: “Zara Ali”, “age” : “67”,”sex”: “female”};

  2. console.log(;       //this prints “Zara Ali” on the browser’s console

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Dialler | CRM | Salesforce Reporting Integration


Management Reporting Integration

Okay, so in a shameless attempt to boost SEO we’re starting a blog. That said, as we’re doing this we may as well share some meaningful content with you…. You can see more about what we do at our site.

Our first blog is going to be on integrating your CRM (see, shameless SEO boosting) or dialler (be it a predictive dialler or automated) into a cloud based reporting suite.

We’re getting a lot of requests at the moment from businesses, not just the ones using our systems, but people who already have a solution such as Salesforce CRM or Davika dialler.

So What’s The Problem?

Off the shelf is the problem. Businesses such as SAP, Siebel, Salesforce, Davika (the list could go on) work on a high volume principle: “We need out of the box products that can be sold quick). The issue here is that…

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Multi-Provider Single Sign-On

Audit9 - Cloud Architects

The Summer ’13 release brought an interesting new feature in the area of identity management – Multi-Provider Single Sign-On. The general principle being (to my initial reading of the release notes) that a single Salesforce org can perform federated authentication to multiple identity providers. Useful indeed where SSO is desirable but the Salesforce implementation spans multiple IT environments within a single enterprise. For example a subset of the user base may have their identities managed by Active Directory whilst the remainder are Google Apps users and have no AD user principal. Prior to Summer ’13 an org could only be configured as a service provider in relation to a single identity provider (IdP), therefore in the example the Salesforce SSO settings could be configured to point to an ADFS endpoint, enabling authentication by AD but what about the Google Apps users?

So, Summer ’13 seemingly addressed this limitation enabling multiple…

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