Serving up JSON Data from a SharePoint Application Page Pseudo Service

Sometimes, the SharePoint JSOM is just too unwieldy.

So on a recent project I needed to conjure up SharePoint group information, and for each of these groups also the users which are group members. I wanted this data in JSON format since I’m using knockoutjs for the UI and presentation.

After taking a look at the JSON API for groups, I resolved to find a better easier way of building this data, essentially what I want is a simple array of JSON objects representing groups and users in those groups, like so;

Easy and straight-forward, but I didn’t want to have to write a bunch of grungy code to do this either. I like the SharePoint JSOM, but for a lot of data-retrieval type tasks, the interface is just too chatty and iterative, it has an imperative rather than declarative feel to it.

So, the solution to this for me was to…

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