Invoke a Web service with Eclipse BPEL designer and Apache ODE


BPEL’s WS invocation

  1. Create a new BPEL project named “BPEL_WS” by selecting File→New→Others→BPEL 2.0→BPEL Project. Select Next. Type the project name asBPEL_WS and select the Target Runtime as Apache ODE 1.x Runtime. Click Finish.
  2. Create a new BPEL process file named WS_Invocation by right clicking on the BPEL_WS/bpelContent folder, select New→Others→BPEL 2.0→New BPEL Process File. Click Next. Fill in BPEL Process Name the string WS_Invocation, and in the Namespace the string http://ws.invocation.tps. Select the Template as Synchronous BPEL Process. Click Next.
  3. Modify the Service Address as http://localhost:8080/ode/processes/WS_Invocation. Click Finish.
  4. Click and drag an Invoke action from the Palette to the BPEL process and name it as InvokePingPongService.
  5. Insert two other Assign actions before and after the Invoke action named AssignInputToSOAPRequest and AssignOutPutToResult.
  6. To invoke a web service, you have to know its description. In our…

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