Google Chrome Extension Share-it New Feature Update – An Options Page

Timothy Tocci Tinker Shop

The Google Chrome extension Share-it now has an Options page that enables you to choose which menu items are visible. Users simply can check which menu items to use and which to hide on the options page instead of navigating a menu of irrelevant menu items that they do not use. Preferences in an add-on are stored within the localstorage object in the browser in order to persist across start ups and closings. Developing an options page for your add-on isn’t a very difficult task, however, there are a couple of coding issues  to be aware of.

Opera Next Is In The Loop

Something else to note is that I now also test Share-it on Opera Next where it runs superbly. I plan on eventually submitting this to the Opera store for consumption . For now, however, there is a link to download the .nex file at the bottom of…

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